The 'feel good' mystery in Mode of Cosmic Therapy
 lies in the fact that it is the Non Duality 
 "Music of Life in Motion"



My name is
Paula Andrea Pyle, MA Ed 
Founder and Director 
MODE of Cosmic Therapy©

                 MASTERS OF DIVINE ESSENCE              

 Esoteric Arts & Science Non-Duality Psychic-Analysis
You may ask what is 
     Mode of Cosmic Therapy?


And, most of all, who am I?  
I am so delighted to meet you. I am Paula Andrea Pyle and so happy to be here. I live in/upon/with the Non-Duality
 principles of MODE of Cosmic Therapy Energy School of Research in Esoteric Arts and Sciences, of which I am the Founder and Director. The foundation stands upon the basic energetic, self-actualized NOW concept: ”Be Where Your Feet Are.” I have accumulated 45 years of metaphysical, philosophical, psychological research, experimental wisdom and psychic-analytic practice gleaned from “Being Where My Feet Have Traveled.” I am skillfully, holistically trained, in addition to, having combined laborious years of traditional academia to the mix.

Academically, I have a BS in Communication, a MA in Art Education and have worked on a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Educational Psychology in Adult Learning. Needless to say, I love learning; from everywhere and every person I come in contact with. We live in a rapidly changing world where the old ways of doing things are being vastly expanded and overhauled. The actively engaged, Social Media Global Network expounds ways that I, for one, am eager and grateful to be a part.  What a diversified harbinger climate of galactic transformation! I am certain you would agree: There’s nothing like being able to converse with all sorts of people from the entire world to broaden one’s horizons.


MODE of Cosmic Therapy: 
Living The Sensual Art In Glorious Gratitude of Grace  

You see, I appreciate life! I’m talking about every single incident, not just some of the specifically chosen, favored events I deem as warranted and worthy of cherishing/remembering. But, all of it! In fact, I can’t remember a time when I was not completely enthralled with the inexplicable wretched and ecstatic mysteries, associated. I honor, revere, embrace and accept the hours in each day. Every single event, occurrence, situation, relationship, career experience, educational tool and multi-flavored intricately diverse communicative connection I’ve been able to experience and share. No matter whether these various experiences were labeled good, bad, or indifferent, I have, no doubt, been fully vested in each one of them. 

I am passionate about living! Without the ups and downs, the seemingly impossible scenarios, misguided, misinformed, misunderstood, and mistaken episodes, what would I, you or the other be? Pretty much; unidentifiable. We all possess our individual reactions, perceptions and expressions to the events we encounter. Most especially: relationships! Sometimes, these responses are so far removed from the actuality of the event; we are left emotionally traumatized or paralyzed depending on the particular state of mind experienced at the time. The same can be said for our exaggerating the situation, too. It all depends…

The fact is: we are so identified with what happens to us or, more importantly, what we imagine caused things to happen, (in our intimate involvements) that without the backdrop of ‘experimenting’ every aspect of the unending emotional drama, (including the guilt, remorse, regret, responsibility, blame and/or praise) our lives would be pretty much bland and meaningless. In other words, we would bore ourselves to pieces!

I am certainly acutely aware that not all of life can be filled with robust avenues of exuberant creative positive expression but uninhibitedly express, we must!

Is there one among us who is without guile/greed expressed through a garbage mouth? Tell me, who does not possess an inexorable desire for benefit, gain and glory? Yes, we are perfectly aware we must (endure) ‘suffer through’ intolerable misfortune, incalculable pain, heartbreaking misunderstanding in relationships and devastating disappointment, whether in life or death. But, unfortunately, we interpret these circumstances and situations from a distorted point of view.  Yes, the inexpressible complexities we encounter are slanted in our favor, always!

Why? Because we each inhabit a specific “MODE” of expressing a unique behavior. That specified behavior “MODE” may or may not exemplify our truest nature but it does lead us to that place of “getting in tune with our cosmic core”.  Our existence continually points to the place when our ‘mind's words can be aligned and reflected through our heart’s intent’. This human definition incorporates and explores the “NON-duality Therapy” we employ on a daily basis. Even though, we may not be consciously aware of the cosmic interference embedded, it is, none-the-less intertwined. 

Herein lies a pointer preventing you from a full expression of Mode of Cosmic Therapy in your day-today affairs. Do you really appreciate your life? All of it, including every person residing therein? Or do you continually bemoan the circumstances and question the reasons which have brought you thus far? Do you hold onto grudges, constantly berate your partner, blame another for past so-called ‘wrong-doings’? Do you honestly believe you have been lied to, cheated on or robbed of something or someone you thought was yours? How much of your time is spent ‘whining and pining’ over what has been, might have been, should have been or emphasized case in point should NOT have been? Has it ever once occurred to you that the WORDS you choose to voice (repeat) indelibly imprint your personality with an ungrateful ignorance which so easily besets you at every turn?

Sort of like a minute dose of arsenic poisoning added to the food you consume every meal; you slowly disintegrate. It may take a while but eventually it will destroy your body, mind, along with the vibrant artistic sacred sensuality you innately possess. Let me REPEAT: Be consciously aware of the words you use! They either condemn or elevate your state of attractiveness. And, pray tell me, who doesn’t want to be vibrantly sexually attractive? Numb and dumb out if you so choose. But, the undeniable fact remains: whatever approach you decide to use, will inevitably envelope the essence of who you are, while alive

Life is simply not going to cater to your capricious whims and demanding cries of being treated unfairly. It doesn't care.  Life is no respecter of persons; nor is it interested, inclined or invested in your personal menu of desired events. It is impervious to your selfishly motivated calculated demands! Something much bigger is going on, has been going on for a very long time. Although my life has not been long, just a few short gloriously rich years on this planet, like you, I have experienced many things that have caused me to stop and ponder what it really means to be here taking up space. I have contemplated, long and hard, on precisely how beautifully orchestrated the fragmented pieces have woven themselves into a masterpiece of extraordinary existence.

Sounds pretty mushy and exaggerated, right?

Not necessarily. I realize, and not without many, many hours of experience, observation, study, research and personal involvement, that we entertain cycles of explicit patterns. What patterns? Celestially encoded DNA patterns, along with up to date conditioning, which move consistently and unfailingly, in and throughout the galaxy which sustain/animate us. Yes, our seemingly insignificant speck of the universe plays an integral part. We need it as much as it needs us.  Bottom line: the life we enjoy is inexorably linked to all life entertained!

Some people may never have been afforded the rare opportunity to see through the surface of things into the ‘brutally bare impersonal’ necessities associated. I have. Does that make me different from any of you? Absolutely not! We are all in this thing together. We are all involved in the plots, themes, and cosmically selected universal stories we need to interweave ourselves into for the delegated cosmic design.  Let's get one thing straight before we go a step further.

We mirror each other perfectly in and through our agreements!


We signed a cosmic contract agreeing to all of these human shenanigans. Sign here on the impersonal dotted line: NONE of it matters except to you! No doubt, it feels personal. It feels, at times, as if we’ve been singled out for ‘more than our share’ of life’s debilitating unfortunate affairs, but that’s only because we can’t see the ‘whole’ picture at the time it’s occurring. Newsflash: We won't ever be able to.

“Things are the way they are supposed to be for reasons we can’t see.”

If at any time, you think you KNOW the reason you are doing something, cease immediately. That particular reason IS the last motive for the situation to be taking place. Life is continuously filled with magnificent ‘wild and chaotic’ splendor. Filled to the brim and overflowing with unsuspecting surprises of glorious grand development of hidden brilliance. In fact, you are unfolding you in the midst of the inexplicable events and complicated relationships that transpire. That's what makes it so mysteriously interesting and intriguing.

What is it, you are saying, Paula? I am saying: You have just begun to tap into (live) when you release the idea of ‘changing any of the existing circumstances’ of your present abode. Cease with the struggling, eliminate the worrying, fretting, resisting, arguing and belligerent berating of unpleasant conditions.

The gift of your most preciously ordained advantage (talent) is procured among these obscure ramblings. “Be where your feet are.” How could you possibly be anywhere else, except dead, perhaps? You are alive; remember? Does anyone know it? Especially you. If you are beginning to get a glimpse of the MODE of Cosmic Therapy operating your life then by all means: Celebrate YOU! Hold back nothing. Let not restriction be your downfall and excuse.  Exercise your human right to be unbounded and rejoice in the simple act of showing up and participating in the life you are provided!



As I've already stated, I live, breathe and have my personal being in and with MODE of Cosmic Therapy. It is an esoteric  psychological, psycho-analytic gut-instinct, no nonsense, ‘whatever works best for you’ philosophy, which either turns the screw of advantageous insight or it doesn’t; it’s as simple, as that. I am not a Guru nor have I ever ascribed myself to be one, in any shape, form or fashion. I truly believe, with all of my heart, that each and every person is his/her own personal guru. Do I consider myself to be an expert in my field of knowledge? Yes! Absolutely, without a doubt or question! But, does that make me want to lead people down their particular paths of destiny? No. Unequivocally no! I simply enjoy sharing what I have gained on my walk and enjoy connecting with others from all over the world.

I am a natural born instructor by birthright. (Cancer Sun 29.53 degrees combined with a full stellium of Leo planets in the 9th house; Scorpio Rising; for those of you who are astrology buffs) I enjoy passing on information I feel is valuable, useful and applicable. I also enjoy entertaining, so it makes it easy for me to teach.  I have always wanted to share whatever I learned with others so they may add it to their base of knowledge if applicable. But, I am the first to admonish that, “Personal experience is the only real teacher!” The search for understanding is only half the journey. The other half is ‘living’ the unrevealed lessons discovered in each harrowing, enlightening, mind-elevating and heart-breaking emotional roller coaster episode of karmic, cosmically contracted relationship.  When we do that; who can tell us anything? 

I do not have the answers for you; no one does. You are the only one who carries the parameters, ‘ways and means’ and decision-making faculties for your life’s path. What I do, is write and contribute countless  articles, bumping full of ancient esoteric, metaphysical, psychological, psychic-analytic wisdom that may or may not be of benefit to you. That is entirely for you to decide. No, there is no school to join or dues to pay. IF what you find, my writings of value and veritably meaningful because you can relate and apply the words, to your life’s situations in, practical, redeemable ways, wonderful!
If any of the MODE of Cosmic Therapy methods inspire you to exercise more artistic productivity, become more sexually vibrant, energetically youthful, discover more emotional balance/stability, establish and maintain pleasurable, (less guilt-ridden and shame filled) usable sexuality, find, release, and benefit from the exhibiting ‘success’ formula of your idealized dreams,  and be able to follow through with demonstrable, usable  'what works for you' common sense, (of which, YOU determine the depth and breadth),I am certainly thrilled. Use what you will and toss the rest out like wilted lettuce.

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We are here! Now, present, in the moment, as we've never been before. We are always here! We, have always been here as changeless eternity smiling through every experience, relationship and encounter. Wow! Just think about it! Let the sheer unadulterated bliss roll over us in ecstatic waves of eternal joy! Through all of the seasons that have seemingly moved in time and space, we were/are/will be in it!, with it are it! I can hardly sit still when I conceive the magnetically charged, bio-electrical chemically interacting non physical energy we are vibrating as. It's totally divine! It's simply Magnifico!

Too many plans! We schedule our friggin' lives away. We create so many "to do" lists to make certain we don't miss a thing. We want to squeeze in every event we possibly can. Whether we want to do these things or not is of little concern; we "got" to keep moving. Steady getting up so we won't get behind. What a shame! It's A busy tangled up stressful mess. At least half of these determinedly decided deemed necessary episodes of frantic movement could be eliminated. Of course, we would have to change mind sets. Slide the GO gear into the Relax Slot.

We, humans, are truly, joy minded dolls! We have no idea what each day may bring, in totality, but face it with eyes of wonder and hearts of sheer delight. We realize we are only here for a very short while to romp in the playground of Existence. We also recognize, embrace and appreciate that there is true unimaginable pleasure found in death. A genuine liberating bliss filled event that is liberating and ecstatic. We none will miss the gloriously perfected opening that releases and redeems so much for us. In the same way, as at the end of an extremely hard day's work, (mentally, physically, and emotionally) exhausted, we all relish the long sought after 'looked forward to moment' of soothing, relaxing, "letting go of built up of accumulated tension," to drift off into a orgasmically satisfied revered refreshing great night's sleep.

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