Paula Andrea Pyle, first and foremost considers herself to be an 'apparent' Ordinary Human Person whose mind-set gravitates to Scientific Spiritual Religious Artistic Musical Metaphysical Mystical Non Duality Assembling Interactions.  She is an incredible contradiction in terms: skeptical, yet all embracing! Reserved, yet buck raw wild in electrified motion! She firmly believes that the greatest and most intriguing worthwhile study a person can and does undertake is upon his/her own self. And, until that sublimely sacred sexual artistic subject is tackled and mastered, little else by the way of contentment can be had.

Paula Andrea Pyle has been married for almost 40+ years, has six children and 13 grandchildren, 1 great-grand child. She is exuberantly bubbly to be around and filled to overflowing with a non-exhausting zest for the authentic unpredictable unrestricted life. She’s all about investigating, learning, sharing, and experiencing Cosmic Esoteric Truths while having one hell of time living the best and worst life has to offer!

MODE of Cosmic Therapy

MODE of Cosmic Therapy non duality psychic analytic sessions cosmic life assembler's program is based upon a myriad of ancient non duality mystical principles ‘which were established, researched and maintained and can be applied’ in the 21st century. Envisioned in 1971, experienced as a prophetic confirming awakening from a dream in 1978, MODE International Cosmic Therapy School of Esoteric Arts and Sciences was officially founded in 1983 by its renowned Director/Executive Cosmic Therapist and CEO Paula Andrea Pyle. She is a highly sought after recognized visionary artist, professional speaker, enlightened teacher, invigorating songwriter, singer, composer, and inspiring author. She refers to herself as a "Cosmic Assembler." 

As a recognized playwright, for the family musical she wrote, a delightfully funny entertaining inspiring educational work: Dr. Ben- The Name Doctor, she travels extensively offering interactive workshops for all school age children and adults demonstrating the creative enlightening principles contained within the play. Throughout the southeastern United States she conducts seminars and interactive workshops at expos, civic and convention centers, schools, libraries, churches, nursing homes and at risk facilities.

She is adept in the esoteric arts of which her enormous enthusiastic passion lies. Also, as an accomplished perfumer in the world of sexual attraction, she relishes in the evocative hypnotic erotic scent she creates in her Magical Fragrance Zabania. She’s plain giddy when talking about the sensuous hypnotic spell-binding scent: “How do you describe spectacular erotic sexual attraction? By sheer experience alone, darling!”

Paula Andrea Pyle has been featured on countless national radio and television shows, magazines, as well as newspapers. She created and hosts the enormously popular Mode of Cosmic Therapy Hour currently on the air in Raleigh and Asheville, North Carolina. Sprinkled graciously throughout the internet, one need merely Google her name or Mode of Cosmic Therapy to readily see the enormity of her profound writings, music and art.

  About Us

Paula Andrea Pyle bases her astounding entertaining enlightening accurate performance therapeutic 'assembledge"work in Mode of Cosmic Therapy on ancient progressive non duality spiritual principles from a wide assortment of esoteric non duality wisdom. From astrology, numerology, I Ching, Tarot, metaphysical manuscripts, Kabalah, magick, Bible, music, history, science, art, drama, classic texts in addition to endless other sources of knowledge she has mastered throughout her years of continuous study and practice. Nothing is out of bounds for her: from the occult art of chess, skilled concentration of checkers, fast spinning play in craps, spontaneous bingo, unexpected moves in poker, to hair raising surprises found in horse racing, she's declares "it's all part of the awareness/consciousness which is reality!"

Mode of Cosmic Therapy is as raw as fresh caught cat fish and as seasoned as an old railroad tie. The concepts are surprisingly precise and easy to apply. They are based upon the premise that the “truth stands while the rest falls away”. Mode of Cosmic Therapy strongly emphasizes how the extraordinary found in the ordinary is revealed by living each and every day to the fullest! “It is in the insignificant things we often overlook where the real gems are discovered. Embarrassment itself can release every ounce of talent one has buried deep within.”

MODE of Cosmic Therapy
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Academically well-trained, she holds a BS in Communication, M.A in Art Education
​and is presently pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational (Evolutionary)  Psychology

M.O.D.E stands for Masters of Divine Essence who have simply forgotten their
​unique individual code of ethics hidden, released and revealed in non duality.


The definitive explanation of exactly what, how and why MODE of Cosmic Therapy works is beyond human description. Or,at least, hers anyway. She’ll quickly tell you: “She doesn’t have a clue!” The essence of its profound spiritual magic is connected to and generated by each person who studies, commits and creates magic (better known as 'self-inquiry') by applying its life altering principles. As Paula Andrea so often says: “You are in the middle of fun and if it aint fun, don’t do it!” She swears that if Mode of Cosmic Therapy ever stopped being the enormous self-gratifying pleasure filled  exploding fun she experiences every day, she’d leave it in a minute. Question everything! 

She resolutely believes “Being Where Your Feet Are” is the key to your ultimate fulfillment and greatest happiness. “Your instinct is the most reliable guide you have going for you. No one else can determine what makes you twirl!” Also, she quickly adds that, “Music is the secret we must all evolve into! Allow no one to make you feel guilty, responsible or grateful. Do what you do because you want to do it and for no other reason!  When, you do that, the whole world spins in your favor.”

Mode of Cosmic Therapy Non Duality Psychic Analytic Sessions Cosmic Life Assembler