If this paper were blank,
and you were a picture, what would you be?

We all project a 'picture'' of one kind or another! (before) We begin with a point, expand out, contract and disappear. (after) [or so it SEEMS] Did you get that? WE focus on a certain image of ourselves and it magically appears and stays until we {transform} rise above it. 

In the run of an ordinary day, we are bombarded by many lines, dots, colors, forms, curves, circles, smudgings, squares etc. But, we hardly notice them; most especially in their blended context. However, once you stop, bring your attention to any object (picture), it tends to stay with you because it links with other references you are probably unaware of. 

A trip is in the offing. And, not a moment too soon. You need to get away from the situation you have grown so accustomed to. Familiarity breeds contempt, remember? Some fresh air, sunlight, water, delicious food, along with a new perspective is what you want. Restless energy has engulfed you to the point of ‘biting nails.’ You’re bored out of your mind. You really want to educate yourself in a totally new vein. A long reserved passion is surfacing. Follow where it leads. You possess an acute sense for following instructions. A talent often overlooked and undervalued, but vitally needed when honing an art.

Give. Give. Give. And, when you think you can give no more, give three times as much. You are endowed with enormous gifts and talents (unused) that you have allowed to almost stifle you. You are the one everyone comes to. You are the one who knows. But, you have become lazy and complacent in your responsibilities. “To whom much is given, much is required.” Others may plead ignorance; you are not afforded the luxury to negate certain responsibilities and obligations. Get over your anger and get back to work. Death will teach you: there’s no consideration. What TIME is it? Note the hour.

You’re the life of the party; you’ve always been. But, lately you’ve grown disgruntled, unsettled and disinterested. What a shame for those around you. The tone of your voice has been raised and not pleasantly, either. The plain truth of the matter is: you’ve become obsessed with “money’ and “making it”. You’re really a ‘lover’ not a financier. Far cry from making love to money than to a real live person. Find your way back to your sense of humor and fun. Don’t become a cactus bore whose only conversation is how much money you have or don’t have. Same thing.

You are filled to overflowing with an abundance of dreams, hopes, aspirations and relevant concepts. It is at this time in your life that you are the most productive and conducive to your particular environment. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not being functional. Just because you’re not joining their party does not mean you are not creating one of a spectacular flavor of your own. Follow your gut instinct. You really are incredibly logical. You will not be led astray no matter what it looks like on the outside. Your sexual creative energy is pumping at full speed. Relish in it! 

After having chosen the PICTURE of your Preference, sift through the paragraphs below to find the one you chose. Read and discover for yourself how surprisingly accurate or inaccurate {whichever the case may be} the information given is applicable to you at this moment. This is just a peek into Mode of Cosmic Therapy.

If you were an instrument, you would be a saxophone. The old blues/jazz sounds of the Mississippi Delta resonate deep within your soul. You are a soulful musician, and it’s time you took it up a notch. Write those sorrowful feelings down on paper. Paint them with a brush. Sing. Play the piano, guitar; drums. Do something to get yourself out the pit of despair you’re in. You have psychologically put yourself in a closet. You tread the waters of molten refrain. There’s not much ‘you aint seen’. Most of it, you keep to yourself. You think people don’t care. So what? Do you?

Pick one of the picture below that you are drawn to:

Far too concerned over other people’s affairs. Get out of their business and back into your own. Stop wanting to KNOW everything about everybody. When you stay so focused on other people’s problems, you have left the ‘wait station’ of your own restaurant. Time to go back to school, or at the very least, take a class that interests you. Better yet get involved in something; you THINK wouldn’t interest you at all. Stop asking who’s at the door, on the phone, ‘who said when, what, how where or why.’ Who cares? You’ve got other things to take care of. IF you even remember how to. Easy…your intolerance is showing.

You’re stuck. Round and round you go and when you pause, it’s only to complain and bitch. You’re sexually frustrated but only because you won’t say what and how you enjoy sensual pleasure. You THINK you’re doing the other a favor. Not so. You’re being a phony and you’re mad as hell about it. Bring all of yourself to the table. No need to be concerned with how you will be perceived. How much more of the ‘fake niceness’ can you do, really? It’s rather trite and certainly unappealing. Sexual energy is a powerful creative force not to wasted or spawned in a fencing match. Start creating. Painting’s a real joy.

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If at any time you THINK you know what you are doing, cease immediately. You are involved in your present life ‘neck deep’ for reasons you can’t possibly see or interpret. Get out of your mind’s self-intoxicated drama. You are not that important to the scenario. The importance lies in your being able to stay focused and aware of your authentic indifference. You allow yourself to become enmeshed in matters of emotional climates that carry you away for a season. These episodes will become less and less IF you stay with the ‘still small voice’ within and follow your passion. People will say you’re selfish. Guess what? YOU are!

A Bird's Eye View of Looking Into 
Your Non-Duality Sexual Self  

If there were ever a point in your life when you needed to ‘turn the tables over’, it is now. A situation has arisen that calls for your immediate attention along with the ‘biting through’ of it to be resolved. No need for madness, lambasting, name calling or the like. Simply clean your house. (figuratively and literally) No regret or remorse on the agenda. When something is finished, it is finished. You have lingered far too long in a place that is unproductive. You have grown bitter and brittle in the meantime. No one has wronged you. You chose the circumstances. The lesson was in “drawing upon the well.” Use your voice. It soothes.

A peacock is a beautiful bird. Many vibrant colors displayed in a grand show. You really know how to ‘put on the dog’. But, that and $4.50 will get you a cup of wonderful coffee. What are you doing in your life that really matters to you? You have been on automatic pilot for so long; I doubt you even remember what person made you laugh the hardest.(was it a movie?) You have grown ‘sick unto death’ at the monotony involved in your everyday existence. You want to feel!!! The palm trees swaying, the island music playing, the thrill of erotic lovemaking calls your name. Create that wild sensational fantasy where your feet are. Do it now.

Groundwork is good; plans are useful/necessary in some instances, however, you have become too determined to ‘wrestle with the bull’ until you get your way. How are you at rodeo riding? It takes about 8 seconds or less to be thrown, the best I’ve HEARD. Why do you want to get so old so quick? Slow down. Patience is indeed the greatest virtue and lifesaving, too. You’re always on guard; red alert. As if you’ve got to hold up the entire word. You are really quite gentle and demure, but who would know it the way you are acting?

Everything is YOU! Don't believe me? Let's experiment for the fun of it. 

As I have suggested on so many occasions, there are no disconnected events and since, everything has ‘something’ to do with it, the process becomes the hologramic [big word] window. It is always up to you to ‘go with the flow’ or stop the go.

{You really can’t stop anything but for sake of a pointless argument, I thought I’d throw that in.}

Are you ready to delve into that vast region of the subconscious brain where ice turns to cherry pops? Or how about, are you even interested enough to peer into a doorway into a vast area of absurdity for discard? If so, the choice set before you this moment is relevant and crystal clear. Here goes. Your options are limited so that you may remain concentrated. Should you be so inclined to participate, [in a part of your demeanor you're not accustomed to mingling with] be forewarned that the information you are about to receive is unlikely to make any difference in your present attitude or life circumstance.

The reason being: you are unaware of the influence attached to your deeply embedded sexual nature.

From the following selection of pictures/paintings, you are to choose one of your liking at random(with no conscious thought or deliberation). You will, in fact, be using your sexual instinct. The one and only stipulation is that you may choose just ONE. You can not change your mind, nor are you allowed to dilly-dally between two or three picture. I deliberately referred to them as 'pictures', because you are not to assign any meaning or label them as recognizable objects. Look closely but make your decision quickly and without a lot of thinking, dissecting, and attributing purposeful ‘whys and wherefores.’

You are an enigma. You are on a spiraling journey of authentic self-discovery. Beautiful, soft, sensual and intense, you will not take second row at the opera. Your path has not been an easy one. Unresolved issues with the father. Stop blaming your mother or on the same token making a martyr out of her. Let them be human and fallible. Just remember: When people try to make your life easy, you end up resenting that person. Never do a favor; people despise ones who hold superior positions. Do what you do with no strings attached. You are free spirit who will not be obliged to anyone. Stop the manipulating; it’s unnecessary.

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Boy! Did you ever invent the word frantic? It’s always a ‘do or die’ situation. Yes/No, Go/Stay Hate/Love Let go No way. You are literally running yourself crazy. Everyone feels the tension and unrest when in your presence. You are so autocratic and foreboding, your head ought to split into. Why do you need to exercise so much power and authority? Your beautiful melodic voice was not designed to scream so. You are a natural born entertainer, who are you entertaining. Certainly not you. You must unleash your pent up sexual creative energy before your flower wilts. Get out of the past.

Besides, when IS the last time you did something for no logical reason?

Let’s do it! Let’s get on with the show. If you’re waiting on me, you’re backing up. Dance and be merry. Don’t do a thing that you don’t want to do. Ever. Be non-apologetic and don’t stack the deck. Aint no need to. Your life is one series of unexpected cyclones of adverse landing on the feet episodes after another. You’re one cool dude. “Way down in New Orleans lives a Voodoo Queen called Marie Laveau.” (A song, remember) what does that have to do with you? You are a walking magician. Do what you will. When you start asking other people’s opinions or permission you DONE lost out. “Get out of my way, jack.” I’m busy living.

You work so hard at trying to have things the way you like them. Order, punctuality, neatness, honesty, intelligence, and of course, duty. All well and good, but whatever happened to originality, spontaneity, gaiety, wit, charm, and capriciousness? Trying so hard to ‘be good and kind’ can end up being ‘inconvenient and unnatural.’ You are by nature a shaker and mover. You don’t usually settle for ‘status quo.’ That is unless you are doing something for ulterior motives. AH! Belch. Give me a break. Stop being so cardboard and plastic in your actions. It certainly does not become you.

You are so identified with another person; you have lost all boundaries which are interfering with your present decision making. You must take yourself back and relinquish the other. You are creating lies to pacify the underlying hurt and disappointment you are feeling. {manifesting} Forget about all that! Experience the painful truth; you have moved on. {whether you consciously wanted to or not} Life does go on after this involvement. Don’t you have one thought of your own anymore? When is the last time you really enjoyed an hour of time without constantly bickering and bemoaning the situation?


Talk about the finer things in life? You KNOW how to deliver real pleasure! Sex is something you have down to a fine science. “What cha doin’ with it?” Sexuality is the highest form of spiritual energy available to mankind, you know. You are bursting at the seams with all sorts of artistic gifts. Are you ever going to get serious with your musical talent? What about pursuing you love of cooking? Get over that ‘somebody did me wrong’ mentality and move on into the next bed of delight. You are an extremely talented soul who needs to express and connect with the gifts you’re carrying. Can’t do it and whine at the same time.

Your mind is filled with too many conflicting ideas. You are exhausting yourself, causing undo strain because you refuse to release the control you THINK you have over a bothersome (consumes your mental energy) situation. You will not stop worrying and fretting over a possible outcome you have no way of governing. Give it a rest. By nature, you are a very wise person, not accustomed to being in such a derogatory state. Your house is divided within. You are taking things far too personally. Release the stronghold grip on the other; you are chocking the life out of yourself.

In this short MODE of Cosmic Therapy Non Duality Psychic-Analytic cosmic experiment, you will be asked to choose a specific picture. Although, the paintings appear quite commonplace and random, in addition to being totally unattached, they are not. I will only say {not because I understand how or why} that after having chosen the particular image, you will be drawn to it over the next few months (most especially) in strange ways.

Images...so many marks. Although there are countless possibilities to choose from, I lay out just a few for your present pondering and selection. No doubt, you will question my motives for offering you such an outrageous ‘seemingly’ silly proposition, {such as choosing a abstract picture to represent you} but since no one ever knows how or why you engage your time, effort and thought or for what value, what difference does it make to breeze through the little game? A perfectly harmless and apparently meaningless venture with no lust of result might be an odd flavor of sorts. Anyway, what do you have to lose? And, how do you ever REALLY know What something means or doesn't mean? [Except of course the meaning you want to ascribe to it]

Glimpse of Cosmic Therapy

You simply must get out of the past. It has released you. You can not keep on carrying a grudge and the depth of unforgiveness like you are doing. It’s over; move on. You are here today with a book waiting to be written inside of you. Don’t play the victim any longer. You’re a high roller whose stakes are ‘winner take all.’ Stop with the “mealy mouthed” accusations. The next person you talk too has an important symbol of interrelated interest. Pursue it. Don’t laugh or make fun of the ridiculous associated in life’s most unsavory offerings. Behind the curtain lives the ‘fat man’ who knows the power in helium balloons. So do you.

Why do you harbor such ill-fated feelings? You were born a star and no one is interfering with your orbit. It’s impossible. Just because it “seems” to take longer for some of your dreams to manifest, they are in no way delayed. You are on a course of self-revealing. There are many experiences necessary to ‘turn you inside out.’ Although you believe yourself to be a loving and affectionate person, ask those nearest and dearest to you. You know how to provide but you do not know how to open up and express your true feelings. The people want “YOU” not your money. Stop being so selfish with both.

Desire is your name, sexuality is your game. And, nobody plays it any better than you. You are a ray of moonbeams and a spray of rainbows for others, not necessarily yourself. When you give 100% out, you are left with 0% to operate on. You must learn how to gauge your activities and time. You spend way too much energy on things that are no real interest to you. Leaning how to say ‘no’ honestly would be a great barrier lifted from your agendas. It would also keep you from being so deceptive, you use as a means of self-preservation. Doing only those things that are “natural and convenient” applies here.

Did you know that how we interact with others is totally unconscious?
It's true but it would take ​a lifetime to convince you of it unless you experience
​the baffling reality in your own relationships. 

You are in search of your so-called other half. You feel empty and incomplete. But, you must remember, wholeness results from a sense of being productive and useful. When you are not busy creating something of beauty, you are extremely morose. You say, “I want true love and someone who really understands/appreciates me,” but silently you bemoan and resent others who love you dearly. You criticize out of sheer habit since it’s easier to blame than it is to fly. You feel so guilty and depressed because you are not using your musical, artistic gifts. Turn on the music and get in your artistic kitchen to create.

 Mode of Cosmic Therapy,
Glimpse Into What's Going on With You And Your Relationships!
It's simply amazing and accurate...