WE Are The Apparent Reality We Experience

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Our lives are a series of disjointed fragments of light, sound and movement.
​We ascribe the ONLY meaning it has. 

At times, we think life is passing us by! As if, we won't have enough time to get our shot at the 'big one'. We may even go so far as to try to convince ourselves, "It's never going to happen. Why did I ever think I would be able to get what I really want?" But, the truth is, it's impossible for 'life to pass us' by. We are NOT in a race with it. How could we be? We are the very life we are manifested in. Life is constant change; movement, utter chaos in the midst of stillness. We, unfortunately misinterpret the stillness as nothing happening. It's a happening Alright in the exact 'undetected' way as is designed for us. We can never be able to decipher it nor measure the "so called progress" we so desperately want to see. Live with that!

Non-Duality Sessions are designed to crack the shell of self-destructive protectiveness and inhibited, binding security, YOU, as the individual, hide behind. In other words, I’m here, to the blow the false mask of perpetual suffering, YOU endure, to smithereens! Most everyone-through many years of conditioning and coupled with a distinct blueprint of DNA-has built up a basic armor of self-defense.  Used as protective ‘measure and means’ of security, it has become a virulent, agitated prison.

In other words, YOU are so miserable, restless and unsettled but don’t know why/how or what to do about it.

From unfulfilling relationships, unsatisfactory sex, impending doom arising from the topic of death, infidelity of partner, obsession with sickness, neurotic worry, envy laced with competitive rage, comparative judgement, infectious gossip, lack of finances; the subjects are as deep as they are wide. YOU may even believe you are filled with low self-esteem, self-doubt and self-contempt and don’t know
how to get beyond it.

Only YOU can discern what is most important for you at this moment: so, the fact that you are ’stumbling in the
dark’ tells me, YOU will find your way!

In the midst of your present unrest, turbulence and sense of boredom, confusion and lingering anger, YOU know you are not supposed to live like this! YOU may, also, not be aware of the fact that YOU possess an underlying fear of death which colors every aspect of your life; from not feeling attractive/intelligent enough to being overly suspicious and jealous of another.

 YOU, like the majority of other human beings, are drenched in a pervading sense of lack. YOU do not feel YOU are good enough, worthy enough, or have been so ‘bad’ that YOU must inevitably be denied the one thing YOU desire most of all in your life.

Saturated with the foreboding idea that YOU will never be as successful, happy or satisfied as YOU want to be: YOU remain stuck!

The good news: You don’t have to remain stuck. YOU possess an incredible vault of magnetic, powerful, energetic, vibration that unlocks every door you care to walk through. No joke! YOU possess the keys to the kingdom of your existence.

YOU don’t have my keys and I don’t have yours but we each were born with the exact ones we need. How else could it be?

YOU just need to discover how to use YOUR keys to unlock the storehouse of treasure held within. I have found these magical keys! I will point the way for you. I offer a variety of Cosmic, Esoteric Psychic-Analytic Services depending upon your individual needs and desires to locate those latent keys. These particular sessions include many aspects of the esoteric psychological {emotional, mental, physical, financial, spiritual, sexual and death) realms.

Human Beings are incredibly complex beings with many levels of interest, desire and curiosity that bind instead of liberate.

YOUR PRECISE KEY Embedded in YOU will free you from yourself-Imposed Prison! Are you ready to release
​YOU from mental/emotional bondage?

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