Where is your slot? Have you found it? do you feel like a fish out of water? Have you always felt there just had to be something more? Let's talk. 

We are alive in a perfect space of what, where, how, when and why we show occupy.  No other space could hold our purpose and intent. The universe is friendly, loving and kind and will not be thwarted in its designated creative act, though, we will NEVER know what it is all for. The purpose-as far as we can discern with out limited scope of reference- is happiness! All things work together to form that unified happy state. It takes many twists and turn to achieve it. And, with our naked eyes, we can never see the unfolding of it. In the chaos of the unexpected, heartbreaking, shattering events a irrefutable stillness remains. This sacred peace that passes all understanding exists beneath what appears to be taking place.  We are enveloped and enraptured by and through this divine KNOWINGNESS. It is sometimes referred to as awareness: consciousness. We are aware! Beyond that, we can not comment.