Life offers no guarantee of your being alive tomorrow. Why are you so uptight and conditioned into believing you must keep everything in order by planning and producing a financially secure existence? What order are you talking about?

More importantly, what plans can you possibly make to eradicate, diminish or sublimate your innate sublime talent which demands genuine expression? Now is the moment when you decide to delay no longer. Just do what feels good. And, do it often!

If you go through life believing a light will be shown at the end the tunnel, you will possibly, not only be mistaken, but surprised. The darkness we embody disperses the necessary and sufficient guiding light needed as we walk. No more to come.

These somber, confused and seemingly hopeless experiences serve as the illuminating source from which our way is forged. We are not separated from any 'light off in a distance'. We carry the light! It is through our darkest/bleakest/ loneliest times {death and illness} in events and relationships that we are saturated in enormous glowing light.

These "dark night of the soul" episodes infuse us with effervescent radiant brilliance. They are far too often short lived and easily forgotten. Replaced by an illusive hope of more or better in the future. NOW is the only future, there is or ever will be, which offers the bright star of liberating illumination!

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The subject of death is not easily entered into. A sense of fear, dread, anxiety and trepidation surrounds the ideas we form about the experience without knowing anything about it. But, the truth is: enormous joy pervades the exit. As in life, when relationships end, {through death, divorce, separation, dissolution of involvements} although pain,anger, bitterness, guilt, regret, remorse, inability to find meaning or purpose to continue, loneliness, confusion, desperation, hopelessness, despair, loss and suffering are  associated, new beginnings always follow. Learning how to let go in delight brings us through the 'dark night of the soul".  Believe it or not but there is a true JOY found in DEATH.  It is not only POSSIBLE but the  "natural and convenient" part of human ecstatic, orgasmic release!

The Unmistakable JOY of Death: Embracing the Reality
​of Blissful RELEASE!

We are here! Now, present, in the moment, as we've never been before.
​We are always here! We, have always been here as changeless eternity smiling through every experience, relationship and encounter. Wow! Just think about it! Let the sheer unadulterated bliss roll over us in ecstatic waves of eternal joy! Through all of the seasons that have seemingly moved in time and space, we were/are/will be in it!, with it are it! I can hardly sit still when I conceive the magnetically charged, bio-electrical chemically interacting non physical energy we are vibrating as. It's totally divine! It's simply Magnifico!