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Who are You? You are who? A raw intimate realistic look into the soul's intent of inhabiting the earth plane; pertinent esoteric material that 'cuts through the bull' of continued excuses and contrived explanations.

Paula Andrea Pyle, MA Ed, speaks in her smoothing sultry invigoratingly hypnotic sensual voice while she lures you into an astute awareness of non-duality psychic-analytical realization. She pulls out all of the ordinary resistant stops! Intent on opening a verifiable 'portal of understanding' in sacred ancient non-duality, Paula surprises the unsuspecting listener with shocking death defying non-apologetic authoritative words of exploitative sage wisdom.

Mode of Cosmic Therapy 
Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Map of Astrological Houses

Astrology at its non-duality psycho-analytic finest! We are talking about the nuts-bolts-guts of why you do, say, and act the way you do. All tied up with your biological DNA, imprinted in your natal chart.

We will email you a Free Mode of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric natal Astrological Chart with defined degrees on the houses. The pertinent signs on the houses are indispensable in deciphering the information made available in the book, Mode of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Map of Astrological Houses.

For your Free Chart email your name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth to


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MODE of Cosmic Therapy Non Duality Psychic Analytic Private Life Assembling Sessions 

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The Subject of Desire

At no time, are we not heading somewhere, doing something, in the midst of progressing (as we currently understand, incorporate and relate to progression) 'sometime'. We all want what we want and are bound and determined to do whatever it takes to secure it. Whether that be a specific person or goal, our mind's attention is fixed on getting it so we can be more happy. The same goes for Charlie McRoy whose only dream is to own a Genuine Red & White Sandblaster.

By the time we enter the 8th grade, around, about, the age of almost 14, we pretty much know what we want. Some people may disagree, but Charlie McRoy KNOWS, beyond a shadow of a doubt what he wants more-than-anything-else-in-the-whole-wide-world: a Genuine Red & White Sandblaster!

Determined to be the first, one and only, kid in town to actually possess the magical, motorized, instantaneous, transformable skate-board machine, he is willing to do just about anything required of him to make sure he gets the object of his true desire.


ONE or TWO Hour

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Paula Andrea Pyle sings a Collection of original nostalgic passionate romantic yearnings. Emotionally moving the words speak to the heart of those who have suffered and survived romantic pain. If you have loved and lost, you've lived a full life. She understands this and relates to your loneliness, despair, confusion and betrayal. To experience misery affords you the opportunity to love fully. Let her put into words what you feel, then learn to love, laugh and linger in desire once again.​

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