We could begin with the sign of Aries simply because of his indecisive aggression which he would no doubt deny! His emotions are so inordinately displaced, he confuses anger with repressed desire. It's a real shame, too since the Arian is so confident and sure-footed with the a iron clad will of determination second to none. How sickening is it to the curious Arian to end up apologizing for rash actions wrought about in one of his inconsistent tirades? I mean, for him to overcompensate in "niceness' simply because he didn't possibly know where the breaks were (no could he have applied them EVEN if he could have located them)  before he drove head long into another defensive attack on an innocent bystander? The truth is: ARIES folks are so damned sensitive! Yes, as surprising as that may be tot he rest of of us his mind reacts like a disobedient child. He jumps to conclusions, asserting that someone has wronged him, once again, and he rebels in a defiant display of rudeness. You know the old saying:"Defense is the first declaration of war!" He places so many walls and barriers in order to protect him from what he perceives as injustices toward him, personally. He wants to be so independent but makes himself vulnerable prey for symbiotic dependence by creating confrontational situations that end up having to "suck hind tit" all the time. I don't know it doesn't ever occur to him to get bored out of his mind with the same old games. IF he didn't have such a psychotic need for others to like him and think well of him, he may be able to shake it. He really carries off the role and use of scare tactics to keep people at a distance. He would never want anyone to get a whiff of just how vulnerable he is emotionally! 

Cancer people know how to do it right and will settle for nothing less than the vision they hold within their tenacious hearts.  Did I hear some say he/she would really like to be involved with a Cancerian because of his acute sensitivity? Think again! Who among us, believes for one minute, that a Cancer person is unselfishly loving, caring, nurturing and tenderly involved? No show of hands? Right! Cancers are hard, rigid, unforgiving, unduly reactive and overly paranoid. They jump to conclusions before the rest of the signs even think of responding. You tell me, what could possibly be tender or soft about a hard shelled crab except for their underbelly (which is clearly protected from outside invasion). Cancer folks are highly manipulative, conniving and determined not to be left, abandoned and/or rejected. So much so, they become warden-like in their personalities. Calculating every move they make with a precise direction, in mind, their one goal is self-preservation and self-protection. His motives will not be revealed to anyone for he truly believes that action makes him more vulnerable. Yes, they are the real cynics of the zodiac. They must fight continually  against negative assumptions and hard ass attitudes toward others. Although they possess a wonderful sense of humor it is no where near funny if you cross them.  Because he knows himself better than anyone else, he will often isolate himself so as to gain a protective measure against the attacks he perceives come from the outside world. When involved with another, the mate becomes almost like a prisoner. He owns the ONLY key to the remote 'castle of love' and dare be it a fool to ask to have another one made! 

Have we moved above the horizon to the partnership sector of the astrological wheel? I THINK so! Libra reigns supreme in this paradoxical house. Although they appear to be peacemakers using humor, wit and charm as tools from their ready made tool kit to carve a striking first impact in relationships, beware of the smile that hones in on your obvious weaknesses. Prone to flattery and interesting conversational engagement, these tactics usually mask an unconscious agitated, aggressiveness. They strive for and project fantasies of perfection.  They are not easily impressed, themselves, but are masters at impressing. They will go to great lengths to seemingly accomodate, show kindness and be helpful but remember this is nothing but an initial act of subterfuge  to establish his parameters. Scouting the territory for maximum operating measures, he will try to be polite but beneath the smooth exterior a crass and crude energy lies in wait. He does not trust people and therefore will not let them near his heavily guarded demeanor.He turns to sarcasm when caught in a corner.   He does not care one bit what the other person thinks or feels but will play mind games with him until he can elicit the workable thought pattern of the other. Then, woo tactics are set in place. He is totally consumed with his own ideals and measures of perfection. In order for him to waste his time and effort at all, Patterns of idealic provisions must be observed.  Nothing short of his designated standards of beauty and form will suffice. Despising confrontations, he is adept at playing the end against the middle and then, when you least expect it, he will jump tracks. Forget trying to pin him down on any issue. He is so identified with so many types of  others, it would be pointless to try to ask him what motivates him. Sincerity is simply out of the question. He depends on others to do for him what he refuses to do for himself. So much effort is put forth to prove his involvement! Yet, if the truth be known, he is the most solitary, unhitched, unattainable person residing on the planet. 

Mode of Cosmic Therapy Astrology, Relationships, Compatibility

IF in fact all things are connected, then the 'patterns of relationship' of the stars in the heavens may just have a significant bearing (influence) on our apparent lives. We can, of course, make up any story we want to ( an usually do) but for the sake of suspending argument and to be entertained, let us just suppose that there might just be some relevant truth in the various zodiac  signs. I've always liked the subject of astrology; that's probably why I wrote a book on the subject and countless articles on the subject. 

It's fun when we don't take things so personal and demand proof for our preferences! The fact remains: "What can any of us know for absolute certain? Except for the fact our bodies are going to die? 

Now we shall enter into the private, solitary world of Virgo. No other sign is filled to mind's capacity of memories (distorted as they may be) and fantasies of what should or could be! Not only does Virgo refuse to move on past the idealized dreams, desires and notions he holds so dear, he also tabulates, calculates and regulates every perceived hurt and/or act of evil he thinks has ever been hurled against him. He rarely forgives and NEVER forgets because he can't possibly imagine why anyone would want to hurt him since he is so "good'. Though he tries to present a front of having everything together and in order, nothing could be further from the truth. Inside, there lurks a mad house of chaos and confusion. He makes certain he is never caught with his pants down or put on the spot. He calibrates his every move beforehand to make sure he is seen is the very best light possible. If the truth could be known about Virgo, He is a walking citadel of vagueness, uncertainty, fear and neurosis.  He KNOWS that he can or never will get it together the way he wants it to be. He criticizes and condemns everything and everyone he comes in contact with because he feels he knows how it should be done. The real reason he conducts himself in this manner is due to the fact he envisions he will never make the grade according to his perfect standards. Yes, he IS lazy and indolent though he would fight to say otherwise.Oh! Did I mention how super sensitve and emotional he really is?  

Have we made it to the daunting doors of SCORPIO? I think we have. Let us begin with the undeniable fact that Scorpio folks refuse to grow up! Yes, I said they are the ones who remain the proverbial children of the zodiac. He is the only one who will never learn the meaning of NO. Moreover, In a relationship (did I dare mention, committed) he will do as he pleases, when he pleases and how he pleases. He stays dissatisfied because he never seems to want what he gets for long. Like a child, he insists that there is something better. Egocentric to a fault, he continually projects his unrest and agitation onto others. Negativity is second nature to him since he will not let go of supposed control. It does not matter what situation, he will be lord over it. Talk about smothering the partner? He simply will not let the other have a single thought of her own; or at the very least, will not let her voice it without his relenting interpreting and evaluating the merit of it. Infantile in his constant demands, He uses psychological force as a master baker uses a spatula. Bitterly sarcastic in his approach to life, his level of morality is shocking. Materialistic to the 10000th degree, he is not opposed to manipulating whatever means he finds available.  He actually feels comfortable in misery therefore makes for an honest, entertaining  and purging sidekick. 

Let us now venture near the royal lion Leo! No one ever suspects the Leo is so self-conscious that it is down right ridiculous. He never lets his "right hand know what his left hand is doing" like is written in ancient texts. And, because he doesn't he usually talks with his mouth WIDE open! Yes, he is always on stage performing for the crowd even when he doesn't want to. He knows no difference. He is so convinced of his extraordinary appeal, he forgets the entertaining continually exhausts him.  Yes, he also possesses that self-defeating trait, " to save the entire world" and to make sure he gets credit for it. However, his one main flaw: he will sell his soul to the devil for one hearty applause. He lives on center stage ALL THE TIME because he knows the entire galaxy revolves around him. He thinks he knows what is best for everyone and holds back nothing in saying so. In order to keep his elevated position, he tries to appear "ordinary" and by being at the beckon call of anyone who needs him, he creates an escapist behavior. yes, the typical disappearing act with no explanation follows him wherever he goes. He desires such devoted loyalty from his band of followers that his self-esteem and self-worth are intricately tied up in a mangled knot in his relationships. He secretly fears that one day the others will discover he really does have no special powers. So much so, He even doubts his own ability to truly love others without a "lust of result."

Now let us deal a little with the sign of TAURUS.  To think that one can begin a conversation with a Taurus on the grounds of reasonableness produces an immediate roadblock. Taurus folks are first and foremost, unreasonable, demanding, uncontrollable (when challenged) and unduly possessive. Most of all, when it comes to expressing his ideas and convictions. To make matters worse, Taurus people are unapproachable when confronted by his cleverly hidden aggressive nature. He will deny any sort of behavior to the extent of upsetting your apple cart. You see, Taurus people have a firmly entrenched idea of themselves as peace loving, calm individuals and do not want that illusion disturbed. He will devise elaborate schemes and  plans to appear easy going, gentle and long-suffering but nothing could be further from the truth. He establishes and maintains (unconsciously) chaotic crises which he believes he wishes to avoid.  He bitterly harbors resentment toward another whom he chooses to snub when having to change any of his ways or methods of doing things. In other words, he firmly believes his word is LAW. Taurus folks carry a huge amount of repressed rage and goes to great lengths to subdue his tendency to violent outbursts. Because he can not stand to admit (much less feel) the uncomfortable emotions of unresolved anger rolling in in ever present"bombastic waves, he will OVERDO the patient, kind, endearing, loving, concerned, caring and tolerant act. Bottom line: he secretly stirs up trouble laced with eotional overtones!

We will open the discussion on SAGITTARIUS with a bang! And, why not, since they are the WIld Wild West Showman of the entire zodiac. Living life on their own terms as a rightly heired Monarch, they will NOT be deterred form their goals and ambitions. A sport's fanatic, horse loving, car racing fool, they know how to get where they are going and fast! Not much on patience, so will trample the competition to get 'down the road'.  Oh. Yes. Did I mention they are not much of consideration, either? If you are not of a mind to have your feelings hurt numerous times, stay out of the company of a Sagittarius. They live life gregariously large with no exceptions. Raw, real and natural, they abhor falsity. Do skeptical of do-gooders and the like. They refuse to accept any idea implanted in them from one who is supposed to know. KNOW what, they ask? Dare you question his free flowing way of life he swears he adheres to? He will not adjust his relished standards to the way things are supposed to be. They are incapable of loving or professing a love that is mundane or practical. Exists with an 'almost' steel demeanor of rigid opposition. Most especially toward the mate, the reasonableness comes across as cynicism.  Although he can put on a deliberate show of extreme friendliness and agreement, nothing is ever as it appears to be. 

Moving on to the restless sign of GEMINI, we find an incurably curious creature who will not be satisfied with an answer to a problem he did not discover for himself. Although not prone to vulnerability because of his 'quick mind' to immediately respond along with his adept ability at honed sarcasm, his astute, witty, dead-target conversational skills oftentimes lead into inescapable debate. No matter, if faced by the best of verbal opponents and/or abrasive attacks, the GEMINI will bounce back unscathed! He enjoys the realm of mystical pursuits but is almost embarrassed by his decidedly curious interest so therefore presents circumstances as if it appears he is dead set against the ridiculous platform. He possesses a distinct gullible side to his nature, but will do everything in his power to conceal it. He believes in the illogical, almost to a fault, because the mundane subjects bore him to pieces. He is-BEYOND WORDS- a novelist and brilliant storyteller. He desires to follow the path of irrationality until it is either proved or disproved. The fact is: he is really naive and innocent. Yes, he WILL argue with a signpost! And, the most interesting aspect to him is how he follows the direction of a conversation so intently keeping it from going into any meaningful vein.  He makes certain he will not be lured into any serious topic of which he would be exposed for having a valid and impressionable opinion.