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Online Appointments

Text Time:Sometimes, you feel like texting thoughts instead of talking. KEEP these golden nuggets!


MODE Text Time (ONE hour of Texting ONLY)

1 hr | $175

Texting can be so intimate. The written word can convey an energy not readily accessible through talking. The fingers will reveal secrets and deep subconscious emotions needed to be brought out and addressed. I LOVE to text. I'm damn good at it. The response flows without interruption. If you are ready to dig deep into the primal depths of love, lust and lingering in a relationship to such the sweet morsels of joy out of it: then, text me. Let's see what will come up and out of you!


Soul's Assignment Art

1 hr 15 min | $500

How would you like to have your Soul's Assignment drawn and interpreted? You will receive an original art piece complete with a MODE of Cosmic Therapy interpretation. Something so valuable you will keep it forever and meditate upon what I say I see and feel. So utterly illuminating you will not believe your eyes and ears. Energy! We are all vibrating, gyrating, resonating, excavating and demonstrating beings executing our divine intent. Do you know what yours entails? Find out today.

Sessions cropped

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Session

1 hr | $150

Things are NOT nearly as complicated as we make them out to be. In fact, the elemental standard of any reliable theory is simplicity. Why? Because it works. It’s easily understood and we can use it. IF we couldn’t apply it to our lives, what good would it be? Nothing can be more meaningful, elegant and divine than to strip the complexity of a situation (relationship) down to it’s bare bones. WE create the confusion we experience. On the same toke, We are the JOY we are looking for! Are YOU ready to meet YOU? A MODE of Cosmic Therapy Session features any selection or combination of: MODE COSMIC Consultations In-depth Psychic Readings Dream Interpretations Love/Relationship Inquiry Investigation Resolution Astrology-Numerology-Tarot Grief Counseling Cosmic Profile Analysis Career Assessment Personality Delineation Compatibility Assessment.


MODE of Cosmic Therapy Session

30 min | $80

We will find out what it you are really wanting as a vital piece of your life. No more being unsure and confused. Why not discuss openly what is honestly bothering you?


MODE of Cosmic Therapy Session

15 min | $60

Walking to the other side on the bridge of truth requires courage and curiosity. Do you really want to know? Are you ready for it?


MODE of Cosmic Therapy Session

15 min | $4 per minute/15 minimum

This MODE of Cosmic Therapy session solicits from you an attracting energy to bring a new ate into your life. You are the center of your own universe. You decide WHO will fill the slot! The session discusses no other subject other than a definitive request from the universe of what you require in a mate.